Justin Teoh


Who Is Justin Teoh?

Justin has been helping his clients harness the power of online video since 2010 when he switched careers from Lawyer to Online Video Marketer. His  video marketing campaigns can be seen in over 30 countries around the world and he has worked with brands such as Toyota, Neutrogena, Johnson & Johnson, BHP Billiton, Jones Lang Lasalle, NAB, St George Bank, IAG etc.

His campaigns get real results for his clients, increasing conversions by 15%-80%, getting more leads, clients, customers and sales by focusing on creating video content designed specifically for the online audience.  His recent foray into YouTube Advertising has seen him work on successful campaigns for speakers like Blair Singer, Andy Harrington, Frank Kern, Greg Secker, Courtney Smith, Stuart Ross and Gideon Shalwick.

But you’ll be glad to know it wasn’t always like this…
001_Profile-PhotosBack in 2010, my first ever videos were pretty much the worst videos ever made by anyone.  I had ancient VGA webcam, had no idea what to say, how to shoot, how to edit, I looked like a stunned mullet and my videos were so long and boring. So I started interviewing the biggest video marketing gurus to find out what made them successful. 2 months and 14 interviews later I finally discovered the secret to online video. Ever since then my video marketing campaigns have generated leads, prospects, clients, customers and sales for businesses all over the world.

Justin Teoh on stage with Blair Singer in Singapore

Anyway, that’s enough about me.  I know that you are on my blog for one reason… to learn the secret of online video marketing… And if that’s you.. Well you’re in the right place. When you watch the videos on my blog you’ll see numerous techniques that you can use to grab your viewers attention, build instant trust and rapport, appeal to both sides of the brain, logic and emotion, visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners.. and, most importantly, get viewers to take the action that you want them to.

So did you catch what the secret is? If not.. keep reading my blog where all will be revealed…