Melvin Soh

Melvin Soh, Founder of Enlightened Profits

Melvin Soh considers himself the most blessed individual on the planet.

Today, he gets to travel the world constantly, teaching entrepreneurs worldwide how to achieve incredible breakthroughs in their business.

Melvin’s sharing sessions are so popular that rooms are almost always packed to the brim, frequently with standing room only.

So why do people listen to Melvin?

Because using what Melvin shares, business people experience an incredible surge in profits. They also have more free time and they can expand their enterprise very quickly.

They are amazed just looking at their own results.

But Melvin will be the first to tell you it wasn’t always like this.

Melvin used to be a struggling entrepreneur. He was so broke that he slept at night on an old sofa and could only afford one meal a day.

But Melvin’s life changed when he met his mentor, the legendary business teacher Marshall Thurber.

Marshall, who is the original teacher to Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and countless mega-successful entrepreneurs, taught Melvin the secrets to becoming super rich in business.

Melvin applied it and 10x his income in only a few months.

Today, Melvin is passionate about sharing the life-changing business secrets he learnt from Marshall with entrepreneurs.

And he gets even more excited when business people who listen to him and take action experience huge increases in their income and happiness.

Melvin knows you too can experience the same results, if you pay attention and take action now.