Vichai Rommie


With more than 15 years of experience in sales and business, widely regarded as the number one trainer in Thailand

Working with both small and large businesses throughout Thailand and businessmen around the world with tips for increasing sales and building team championships

Being  introduced on national radio and television

Translating the audio version and Blair Singer’s book named LITTLE VOICE MASTERY (TM) into Thai

Being considered an expert in sales and explicit teaching methods

Wonderfully, working and learning from many world-class masters and teachers such as Blair Singer, Robert Kiyosaki, Joel Bauer, Mary Buffet, Jordan Belfort, Mack Newton, Brian Tracy, Mitch Carson, Anthony Robbins, etc.

Being the only trainer certified by Blair Singer 2 in Thailand

Being the co-founder of Ultimate Success Partner Training Company in Thailand and serving as Business Director and Training Director

Being born and raised in the business environment and accompanied by his father since 10, Rommie really understands the business world and the importance of sales in business. And when he saw his father in business and finally went bankrupt, he really understood the difficulties of the business world and the importance of cash flow. He vowed never to repeat his father’s failure so he sought to become the best in sales and business

Now with more than 15 years of sales experience, he has been recognized as the No 1 GO TO SALES EXPERT by entrepreneurs and speakers in Thailand and around the world. He has worked with many leading companies, small to medium businesses and was invited to speak at leading universities in Thailand and also trained many entrepreneurs to achieve 6 and 7 revenue figures in Thailand through his sales training program