Thanh Tien Nguyen


Director of Nik Capital. NIK has invested in four businesses and has generated millions of dollars a year

The leading investment trainer in Vietnam, training over 10,000 learners in the basic classes and over 1200 intensive classes

Investment experience: Buying and selling houses in many districts, real estate distribution experience, valuing over 1200 properties for Techcombank, managing over 500 apartments, ect.

Business experience: Co-founder of a chain of 20 fashion and fast food stores, a 60-member real estate company, a food import and export company in Taiwan, Hong Kong

Author of the books: “Think Different – Startup & Making Money” – Volume 1 drawing eyes of over 7,000 people. Some have earned more than 500 million dongs just by reading this book. A 18-year business owner reading the entire book from morning to night, a pharmacy business owner with 450 employees reading off only in 3 days

A trainer, evaluated with great enthusiasm and responsibility

Practical, comprehensive and applicable Teaching

A master of many successful businessmen and investors